Contact: Jeremy Clare              Phone: 250 812-1674

Fees:     $1.00      Prizes:    1st  $3.00  2nd $2.00   No 3rd 

Display & Judging Location:  Pioneer Building

Carnivorous Plants Rules & Regulations

  1. Late entries pay double and may be accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday.
  2. Only one entry per class per exhibitor.
  3. Clerks may move entries from one class to another as they deem fit or as judges direct.  Entries, which are otherwise correct, may be marked NAS (not according to schedule).
  4. Judging standards for Non-Specialized Shows– BC Council of Garden Clubs will be the rules used for this section.
  5. All entries must be shown in clean containers. All entries must be identified by their variety.
  6. Each Entry is to include a brief educational piece.



Venus Flytrap Plant

928  Largest Number of Traps

929  Happy Feeding Flytrap

930  Radiant Colour

931  Biggest Flytrap

Sundew Plant - Junior Ages under 18

933  Sundew - Smallest

934  Sundew - Largest

935  Sundew - Most Dense

936  Sundew - Happy Feeding Sundew

937  Sundew - Radiant Colour

Pitcher Plant

939  Largest Pitcher

940  Tallest Pitcher

941  Pitcher - Radiant Colour

942  Largest Number of Pitchers

943  Excellent Educational Material 


sundew plant with sky backdrop